Thursday, March 17, 2011

Back in the business

Hey everyone, I haven't been posting for a looong loong time. I decided to keep doing my blog, let's start off with this crazy ass video featuring Finnish artist, Lavis.

EDIT: Seems that Lavis didn't like the video. I'll keep this post here and will change the video when it is re-uploaded.

EDIT2: Video re-uploaded :)


  1. Toi video oli loistava, harmi että lavis vaati sen poistettavaksi :( olispa jollain tallessa

  2. Check out "Karibia" and "Texas Sex Ranger" from him, those songs are just as crazy as this video!!

    Also, I'd love to hear that song! The beat sounds so gnarly! :) Follow'd

  3. Meh, video not available anymore. ir sad panda. :/